Top 3 sites for online education in the world

some free


Udemy (established in 2010, in the US)


Udemy has seen significant development in the field of Online education.

You look at the calf form below to know how the current Udemy offline.


Udemy offers courses under two forms: free and paid.

Users can easily access the website or download the free App

Rich teaching areas include: art, business, design, games, humanities, languages, mathematics, psychology, natural science, music, software, sports, etc ..

Udemy appeared in Foreign Languages: English, German, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Users have two ways to learn: Self-paced schedule and

(Self-paced: 1 new nouns appear with online learning. This means that you are certain courses on the platform are available on the Internet. Then, you can stop and the next day open next to the school. the school is very active and, depending on the speed of learning of each student)

The course forms provided by Udemy relatively rich: video, PDF, Power Point, audio, Live course format. There is also homework and assignments to follow what they have learned.

At Udemy, who teaches courses are experts in the fields of courses, professors and even the user (User). And after the end of the course, you’ll have a certificate (certificate) of the course.

According to the practitioners in the world, Udemy offers scientific skills and very practical applications. Finished you can practice and apply immediately. Therefore, if you choose Udemy to learn something new, then you should choose another platform because that is not the core values ​​of Udemy. In addition, courses in business and entrepreneurship are the students appreciated on Udemy.

Udemy give students 75% free courses and other courses charge between $ 10 to $ 500. But things can change over time.

Udemy slogan: “Our mission is to help anyone learn anything”

Udacity (established in May 6/2011, in the US):

Provides courses mainly on computer science, IT, artificial intelligence, mathematics, entrepreneurship and other topics. Students will be guided and construction of the course outline for themselves. And after the end of the course, you’ll have a certificate (certificate) of course pass it on condition that the last final exam. This is one of the favorite sites for students of information technology segment.

At Udacity, users can participate in free courses and fees. The course fee is affiliated with San Jose State University to be seen as college credit.

The difference: Udacity now offer certificate courses industrial Nanodegree- to the convenient search you work in the field of technology. Udacity certificate (certificate) to the trainees can become Web Developers, Data Analysts, Mobile Developers through the practical skills learned on Udacity. Online courses in the field of technology in Udacity set by Google, Facebook, MongoDB, AT & T. This is an opportunity opened up for you to be able to work at the company “big” tech sector after Nanodegree pass program.

Criteria Udacity courses is to learn to act. Through practical lectures Nanodegree course, participants will immediately apply what they have learned on Udacity. The faculty at Udacity understanding of what students will need to meet the labor market. That is the core values ​​of the program Nanodegree. Depending on the level of the students, you will spend an average of 10 hours / week to attend the program Nanodegree and lasts 6-12 months.

According to current statistics, there are 1.3 million users Udacity.

Lynda (founded in 1995, in the US):


Currently owns 3,870 course with instructional video 162.807. This database is the first online course of the current top.

According to the latest news, May 4/2015 Linkedin bought this online education website.

At Lynda, who teaches courses 100% are professionals in the field of the course, and after the end of the course, you’ll have a certificate (certificate) of the course.

This is the online education website that students have to pay 100% and nearly as long as the website exists and also the platform has extensive experience in optimizing best courses, discipline of online education to The current. Lynda allows users 10 days before deciding to purchase learning package on Lynda. The learning package is divided as follows:

Basic packet: $ 25 / month, but if you pay one time for the whole year, is $ 250 / year.

Benefits: no video and academics on a weekly update of new courses

Packet premium: $ 37.5 / month but if you pay one time for the whole year, is $ 375 / year.

Benefits: Unlimited learning videos and updates on new courses every week. Download project file. But with the Premium package all year, students will be downloading

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