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Gone are the days when the only programming language for the master programmer like Bill Gates, who later came to dominate the world by its Windows operating system. Now, anyone who has the ability, the opportunity for learning and mastering the programming language easily. Today, we will provide you with a list of 10 online learning website will help you do that.

I should learn programming where? The site teaches programming interactive methods help learners acquire knowledge very effectively.

Yes, let’s forget about complicated settings with command prompt dark and cold makes you just want to stop right before school started, and say hello to 10 sites with fast interactive lectures will teach you of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, and even iOS. You will learn from the textbooks, videos, and even the best practices from renowned experts in the industry.

Begin your new path to progress in the world today programmed offline!

1. Codecademy
Codecademy is obviously the most famous sites in teaching you learn through interactive programming, web interface is very professional and the courses are very well designed. As soon as you visit the home page, you can begin to feel the programming in this manner, in a console window to form inspires you. Choose a course that include Codecademy launched Web Basic, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs.

codecademyBen in each lesson, the interface will be divided into two parts, the left side will explain the necessary knowledge and guidance. The right side will allow you to type in your code line, and then allows you to check whether or not wrote right. Do not worry about the wrong type, both the panel and programming instructions above will alert the bug for you, and provide guidance so that you can fix. This type of study is the same as being a true teacher standing next to teach you that.

2. Code Avengers
Avengers Code was designed with the aim of making your favorite programming courses. Although it currently only offers courses on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, but each course are designed very carefully and really attractive, in order to improve your programming skills as quickly as possible. After completing each lesson, you will be playing a small games aimed relieve stress and give you more motivation to learn more.

ZIP-avengersCode Avengers with a gradual approach to interactive learning. It does not explain too much knowledge is not necessary for beginners, just a little code and instructions fun, to make things easy to understand. So you try to dabble with these lines of code and then see the results immediately. The curriculum here is designed very carefully in line with the new thinking of the way to school.

3. School Code
After completing courses at Codecademy or Code Avengers, then you’re ready to go further to enhance its capabilities. Code School is the next quality websites that you visit. Unlike most sites other interactive teaching, Code School offering courses to teach in-depth and make you become an expert in the industry with the best kind of exercise.

The entire course is divided into four main areas, namely:

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • HTML / CSS
  • iOS

ZIP-schoolHau all courses will be dressed with impressive design interface and the video contains valuable information, although the challenges behind each video can be a bit tricky for those new school. Fortunately, all with the guidance and answers for your reference as needed. While most of the courses here are free, but there are some courses will require you to pay a fee of about $ 25 dollars / month to be able to access the entire course, including videos , exercises and all other courses at the school Code.

4. Treehouse
Treehouse courses are much more oriented products is oriented language, so it is very suitable for a novice programmer with a planned purpose before, such as construction a website or an application. For example, the course on the website will guide you in building a responsive web page format (which can be displayed depending on the type of device is PC or Smartphone), interactive website design or even a theme for WordPress – in a very practical and effective way to mastering the programming language involved. However, there are also a lot of basic courses with teaching video tutorial is followed by a question and answer.

For Treehouse, each course will be divided into four phases or modules are different, and when you finish the first stage, it will be required to pay a fee monthly subscription is $ 25 dollars to go access the entire course with over 650 video and you will be a member of the forum at the Treehouse. If you intend to seriously pursue a career in programming in the future, you can choose to hire package subscriber per month for $ 49 dollars to see the depth interviews with industry experts and curriculum other advanced.

5. LearnStreet (no longer active)
If you are the type who does not like flashy design that just like working with the lines of code, it is designed to LearnStreet for you. It currently only offers courses in JavaScript, Python and Ruby on the level for beginners. With one click on the button “Start Course” you’ll start the lesson immediately with an exercise, an interpreter and a bar code displays the terms (very useful for the novice programmer ).

LearnStreet have an interpreter code style command prompt (command prompt), along with instructions to explain the functionality and encourages you whenever possible. However, the interpreter code may be slightly vulgar its standard, and it always asks you to type regularly the code line and the content that it requires.

Another point is that it is easy to use and quite interesting, and most importantly, free.

6. Udacity
Udacity is a combination of video lessons with depth and oral questions to get the feeling of interactivity for students, so it is ideal for those who do not like reading much, instead that they will receive instructions via video from the experts in the industry, such as the employees of Google, for example.

You will be watching a video from the experts discussed and guidance on a particular topic, then you will answer questions about programming logical to expand the understanding or practical skills training . One thing worth mentioning is that the number of videos Udacity offers much more than most other sites, and those instructions are often university professors or experts in the industry veteran.

Only one drawback is that most of the courses here are not related to each other that much, so Udacicy often not where do you start learning programming, but it is a virtual university offers you a lot of knowledge in later educational path.

7. CodeHS (no longer active)
To this point, all of the sites mentioned above are mainly focused on web development and computer science, but CodeHS is a website giving you a simple and enjoyable by the programming unit game, instructions on how to solve the problem, JavaScript, animations, data structures, designing games and other challenges.

Highlights of CodeHS codehsDiem it will teach you how to think and solve a problem like a real programmer within the first course. The lesson here is fun like you will learn how to use code to move a dog, until the completion of a certain task and more difficult as a caddy or tower. It provides you the platform programming concepts and methods to solve the problem in a systematic way in the beginning.

You must register with a fee of $ 25 dollars / month to continue his course, but it is a perfect site to learn game programming basically a pretty efficient way.

8. Khan Academy
Although the Khan Academy courses unstructured by CodeHS courses, but it serves as an open playing field for both novice programmers and amateurs that have interests in the draw , animation and user interaction with the code. Khan Academy is not about a determined programming language at all, but the code pattern here, it can be applied everywhere, and the popular programming languages ​​common share of that pattern.

First-academyDau khan you can participate in basic programming courses to check out and learn the basic concepts first, then explore the code is provided behind each video tutorial is to reinforce real. Along with Khan Academy, you can save your editing as a “product” so that people can refer to and customize. There are hundreds of products from only one lesson in a course, so you imagine the large number of students in the community, the effectiveness of the course will grow to how much.

9. Scratch 2.0
If you think CodeHS and Khan Academy is still too hard for the kids you can learn, because we do not have the basic knowledge. Then do not worry, there is something even easier for your yearning for a new generation of talented programmers the next, and it is called Scratch. Previously it was a piece of software installed on personal computers in order to allow the children can create, download and share our project with interest, but now has moved up the interface Scratch Web 2.0 format completely.

scratch_20Tuy course it is not just about programming, but it is a combination of command-line blocks to control the behavior of objects, such as ordering objects move 10 steps cat, or crying ‘ meow ‘when it touches the boss’s feet. By using visual programming methods lively, the children will form a habit of sharing the big problem into smaller chunks and address them individually in a logical sequence.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is just a language specifically designed to store and retrieve data from the database, so please imagine the boredom you will have to go through the program with a chapter big data management. So you learn SQL SQLZOO want a more fun way to interact with a lot of fun.

sqlzoo out nothing much to explain about a language is not complicated like SQL, this site will only ask you to replace a number of variables such as city name or number of people, and gradually increase the difficulty level up gradually . A quite regrettable that this site does not have a clue, the question answers and support forums, so you may encounter some difficulties in solving quizzes here.


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